How DriveAbout Works

We understand that while the core road rule and road safety content drivers must know is largely consistent, different industries, roles, and risks mean that targeted training is not only beneficial; it’s essential. It’s why DriveAbout offers flexible delivery options depending on needs, including:

  • Enterprise licences for content;
  • Platforming options, including apps, digitised e-books, web-based training, and onsite monitors;
  • Contextualised modules targeting a specific need;
  • Custom content development via partnering and collaboration.

Working together with representative industry groups, government, transport providers, driver training organisations, motor vehicle registration and licencing bodies, we’re helping to drive down the Fatal Five factors responsible for road trauma and road accidents all around the world with flexible, tailored EdTech solutions.

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The Fatal Five

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Getting started with DriveAbout World is easy


Step 1 - Identify your need

Do you need DriveAbout for personal or commercial purposes? For personal use, download the DriveAbout app from Google Play or the App Store.

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Step 2 - Choose your platform

Are you a corporate, industry body, government,
not-for-profit, or school? Contact us for custom
solutions delivered as licences, digitised e-books,
online solutions, and apps.

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Step 3 - Learn & drive safely

If you believe the missing link in your product
is our road rule and road safety content, reach
out and let's build the best road safety ecosystem

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Custom road safety EdTech solutions

Fatal 5 illustrationFatal 5 illustration

The Fatal Five

Corporates, government, not-for-profits, schools, and small enterprises can benefit from our cost effective custom road safety EdTech solutions for growing markets. Under our business model, clients enjoy:

  • Access to all content
  • Use of content across all available channels
  • Access for all employees
  • Implementation and packaging support
  • Updates to existing content, including new language versions
  • Opportunities to develop custom content
  • Road safety leadership in their industry and country.

DriveAbout is already being used by road safety leaders in business, government, not-for-profit organisations, and schools.

Integrating best in class content with mobile accessible technology

DriveAbout offers many benefits over traditional road rule and road safety content and the format in which it is presented. Our road safety content is delivered as licences, digitised e-books, online solutions, and apps, DriveAbout can be customised to unique preferences and government regulatory requirements.

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Mobile apps

Mobile apps provide access to content regardless of location via a personal login. Progress is tracked with secure back-end data collection and reporting. The DriveAbout App in English also offers a module based, randomised question knowledge testing regime which allows participants to progress once they have mastered material in the current module. Apps offer a licensee the potential to brand as their own and provide spaces for the inclusion of targeted road safety or other relevant messaging.

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Online learning

Online content is available via access through links on a public-facing online presence either through a custom designed e-book or menu-based access.

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Instructor-guided access

Instructor-guided access to content can be facilitated through individual or group presentations under guidance of a trained learning leader. DriveAbout package provides detailed instructor guides to support classroom-based presentation and assessment of training materials. Participants access animations as a group via on-screen presentations or via e-book on individual desktops or mobile devices.


Community education

Community education opportunities can also be arranged at service centres, shopping complexes, and other public locations through screen-based looping of all content or targeted issue-specific packages.

Try the DriveAbout subscription model

As a premium EdTech solution, DriveAbout is priced on a case by case basis based on each client’s specific requirements. Corporates, government, not-for-profits, and small enterprises interested in driving down the impact of road trauma and accidents should contact us directly to discuss the possibilities.

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