What is DriveAbout Workforce?

Digital Road Safety and Road Rule Education for Every Employee of Every Organisation

DriveAbout Workforce provides practical, competency-based education to help employers meet their duty of care.

DriveAbout Workforce provides 90 minutes of visually rich animated training in English, 8 Australian Indigenous languages and 7 foreign languages.

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Why should employers care about road safety and road rule education?

Australian Work Health and Safety Act 2011 confers responsibility on employers and employees to create and maintain a safe workplace, including during work related travel. It also states that whenever employees are required to travel, whether by foot, bicycle, scooter, car, bus or heavy vehicle, they are in the workplace.

The introduction of industrial manslaughter laws in QLD, NT, VIC, and ACT means that both employers and employees legally responsible for workplace death, which can result in financial penalties for companies, while individuals can face jail time.

Apart from legislated requirements, employers stand to benefit financially from elevating road safety as a business priority. Every road incident or death prevented means many more families and workplaces avoid the associated financial, personal, and physical cost.

One prevented road crash
fatality saves $4.34M
One prevented permanent
disability saves $694,000
Two prevented road crash
hospitalisations saves
30 prevented non-
hospitalised road
crash injuries saves

Benefits of DriveAbout Workforce for your organisation

Creates safer employees and workplaces
Scaleable and affordable EdTech
Easy to implement & make part of WHS plan & employee training
Risk management
Reduce road accident, medical & vehicle costs
Elevate road safety beyond awareness raising to practical training
Contextualised modules for specific audiences
Deployable on multiple platforms


Although DriveAbout is built around a core body of content, it can be customised and made available on different platforms. The platforms through which it is already delivered include apps, digitised e-books, and web-based training.

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