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What is the DriveAbout App?

The DriveAbout World app is an Australian road rules and road safety refresher for people driving in Australia. It is digital competency-based driver training and road rules education that uses a blended learning model integrating visually rich animation with written content. The content underpinning DriveAbout is world leading and designed for social impact. It is based on the premise that every road user has the right to travel safely.

What does DriveAbout deliver?
Education based on Australian Road Rules (ARR)
Regular updates to align with new legislation and complementing existing driver education resources
Alignment to Australia’s National Road Safety Strategy 2021-30, as well as the Towards Zero and Fatal Five campaigns
90 minutes of visually rich animated training (43% road rules, 57% road safety) in English, 8 Indigenous languages, and 7 foreign languages
Who is DriveAbout for?
As EdTech designed to make safer drivers and reduce the devastating impacts from the Fatal Five, DriveAbout is ideal for:
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